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Mr. Arjun Singh, Managing Director

Mr. Arjun Singh has been activity involved in management of security operations for past 8 years. He has significant and relevant experience in all aspects security up to and including managing the security needs for vesting. Mr. arjun singh has also built an extensive network of relation with security professionals in non governmental organization. He has been guiding aricoz security service to realize that consent change is the only step forward towards the future.

Corporate Office:- Dabhura

Mr. Prabhat Singh, Managing Director,

Mr. Prabhat Singh, A strong motivator who has led this team with experience hard work, good experience for past 6 years. Loyalty and is a firm believer of old saying When the going gets tough gets going. He is the executive Director of Aricoz Security Service LLP.

Head office:- Rewa

Mr. O. Saji Lal, Operation Manager,

Mr. O.S. Lal Opration Manager, A diploma holder with 16 years experince in the field of security managment and manpower management and trained abroad with Emirates group security at Dubai Airport.


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